Independent Stocktakers was started in 1986 to serve the needs of Retailers and the Licensed Trade who needed a prompt, accurate, and independent valuation service.

Roger Corti, the proprietor, has over 30 years experience in stocktaking, and came from a background of retail management and owning a small CTN business for many years.

A senior member of the Trade Valuers Institute, he played a part in their committee, serving as Membership Secretary, and partly responsible for early examinations and producing their Code of Practice and some publications.

Progressing into the Licensed Trade in the early '80's, he passed the strict examinations of the Institute of Licensed Trade Stock auditors.

He wrote and developed the software - MRE WET1, to process the stocktake reports and analysis. This began on a Commodore VIC32 with just 32Kb memory! Since then, it has been upgraded to PC Dos system, and currently a Windows version is being developed and tested. This program is on sale to stocktakers with a limited version available to Licensees who require DIY stocktaking reports.

Our clients include mainly small businesses, such as Retailers in Convenience stores, CTN's, and various High Street shops. In the Licensed trade, clients include Hotels, Pubs and clubs. See some of the links to our client's sites!

Within the small team of professional stocktakers employed is a vast experience of all aspects of retailing and stock management. Years of working to meet the needs of clients and their accountants allows us to certify our work with the confidence that high standards of accuracy have been met.

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