Increase Profits - NOW !

Deter theft & fraud, with up to date accurate information and analysis. Here at Independent Stocktakers, we use our own stocktaking software on the latest computers. We are able to process all stock counts, deliveries and takings information into an easy to read report. This gives vital information on profits, stock levels, order requirements, dead stock and slow lines.

Our system provides many print formats which provide clear and useful reports on many aspects of stock counted. These reports can be tailored to suit YOUR requirements. Established for over 20 years, and experienced in all licensed trade types, we can advise on problems, help select profitable lines, help with order levels etc.

We can work results on the spot if required. We carry out valuations for transfer,we produce Inventory listings of fixtures, and we work on regular periods or spot checks as needed. Contact us for further information and save money ASAP!


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